California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Gray Wolf (OR-10), Photo courtesy of Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife)

Gray Wolf (OR-10)
Photo courtesy of Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.


California Gray Wolf Stakeholder Group

In light of the recent arrival of a confirmed gray wolf (OR7) into California in late 2011, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) began a series of actions including informing the general public and engaging specific interest groups/organizations (i.e. hunting, agriculture, and environmental/conservation interests) individually about those actions. 

To communicate collectively with the interest groups, CDFW organized a meeting (April 2012) to bring the stakeholder interests together, provide current information on the status of OR7, gray wolf populations outside of California, CDFW’s observations about the OR7 experience, and to solicit input on recommended future actions by CDFW relative to gray wolves.  

While not an exhaustive list, what was clear from that first stakeholder meeting and subsequent meetings that have followed, is that due to; expanding populations of gray wolves reoccupying former range throughout the west, the likelihood for additional gray wolves to enter California from adjacent states, the potential for populations of gray wolves to reestablish in California, and the public concerns that this would bring, the stakeholder suggested to CDFW the following:

  1. collect information that will aid in the preparation of a management plan,
  2. secure adequate funding for the plan preparation and management of wolves,
  3. create a clear process for completions of the plan,
  4. provide training to staff and other dealing with wolves, and
  5. continue to engage stakeholders.

Since that time, CDFW has organized subsequent Gray Wolf Stakeholder Group meetings (which are ongoing) to provide input to CDFW actions.

Meeting Reports