California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Year 2000 Report on the Status of Endangered, Threatened, and Candidate Species

Bald Eagle

The Department is required to prepare periodic reports summarizing the status of all State listed endangered, threatened, and candidate species. The report is submitted to the Commission, the Legislature, and the Governor, and is made available to the public. To see the current report, use the links below the picture to the right.

The Habitat Conservation Planning Branch (HCPB) is responsible for coordinating completion of the annual report. The HCPB works with appropriate branches and the regions to complete all sections of the report. The HCPB staff edits and finalizes the draft report and submits the report to the Directorate. Once approved, the HCPB works with Conservation Education and Information to produce and distribute the report in both hard copy and for CDFW's web page.

Regions are responsible for preparing and submitting appropriate sections of the annual report to the HCPB staff each year. Typically, these sections include species accounts for species within the region, and highlights of regional activities involving listed and candidate species.

The Status of Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Animals and Plants of California - Annual Report for 2000