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Bird and Mammal Conservation Program Bibliography: 1966-2006

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Blue underlined report identification numbers denote reports that are available in PDF format by clicking the report identification number.

About the Bibliography

This bibliography is a listing of almost 600 reports, manuscripts or articles produced by or for the Program since its inception.

Now known as the bird and mammal section of the Species Conservation and Restoration Program, and formerly known as Special Wildlife Investigations, Nongame Wildlife Investigations, Nongame Bird and Mammal Section, and Bird and Mammal Conservation Program, the section has conducted and administered research and management projects on threatened and endangered birds and mammals, other nongame birds and mammals, and furbearers. The Bibliography includes job final and progress reports, annual or periodic reports written to satisfy federal co-funding requirements, and theses, manuscripts, and articles published as a result of studies supported by contracts administered by the Program. Reports were written by section employees or contractors, or were published as a result of a cooperative study. This Bibliography is not a complete list of all such reports; it includes only those reports which contain a significant quantity of biological or management information and were reviewed and edited by Department of Fish and Game or outside agency biologists familiar with the subject. Most of these reports were published by the Department, but many were published in a number of biological journals. Copies of journal articles, though cited here, are available through the respective journals.

The Bibliography is arranged by year of publication, with the earliest year first. Each citation is given a unique, sequential number which is used in subject and author indices. Through 1989, publications within years generally were listed alphabetically by the principal author's last name. Beginning in 1990, each report was given its identification number as it was published and reports are listed in the chronological order of printing instead of alphabetically. The subject index contains references by species or species groups, and by type of research or management. The author index only contains names of single authors or of senior authors in co-authored publications.

These papers were published by the Department, but the distribution has varied due to interest in the species studied and the scope of the study. Therefore, reproduction runs consisted of as few as 10 to as many as 1,000 copies. Approximately 80 titles are available here online in .pdf format. Some reports are quite large and downloading may take a long time. For titles not online, please call the Habitat Conservation Planning Branch at (916) 653-4875 for information on availability.