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California Pika Consortium (CPC)

California Pika

California Pika

In response to challenges facing American Pika, an interdisciplinary collaborative effort is forming to foster research, monitoring, education, conservation, and adaptation planning for pikas and other high-elevation species. The California Pika Consortium (CPC) was formed after the first California Pika Summit, held November 10, 2009 in Davis, CA (Participants List). The CPC is dedicated to the following goals:

  • Sharing information among research scientists, agency biologists, and conservation groups working on American pika and other high-elevation species in California, and coordinating with similar efforts in other regions and on other Ochotona species
  • Fostering collaborations to provide the best available science to management and policy applications and to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and policy impact of future research, monitoring, and conservation efforts on American pikas

The focus of the CPC is on California pika research and conservation, but the consortium will draw on and provide information to groups working in other areas of the American pika's geographic range.