California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Zone Specific Maps

Please note that the following maps are presented as portable document files, in PDF format, and require the free Adobe Reader to view them.

A Zone Maps X Zone Maps Additional Hunts
A-North Zone X-1 Zone G-1
A-South Zone X-2 Zone G-3
  X-3a Zone G-6
B Zone Maps X-3b Zone G-7
B-1 Zone X-4 Zone G-8
B-2 Zone X-5a Zone G-9
B-3 Zone X-5b Zone G-10
B-4 Zone X-6a Zone G-11
B-5 Zone X-6b Zone G-12
B-6 Zone X-7a Zone G-13
  X-7b Zone G-19
C Zone Maps X-8 Zone G-21
C-1 Zone X-9a Zone G-37
C-2 Zone X-9b Zone G-38
C-3 Zone X-9c Zone G-39
C-4 Zone X-10 Zone  
  X-12 Zone M-3
D Zone Maps   M-4
D-3 Zone Area-Specific Archery Hunts M-5
D-4 Zone A-1 (see individual c-zone maps) M-6
D-5 Zone A-3 M-7
D-6 Zone A-4 M-8
D-7 Zone A-5 M-9
D-8 Zone A-6 M-11
D-9 Zone A-7 MA-1
D-10 Zone A-8 MA-3
D-11 Zone A-9  
D-12 Zone A-11  
D-13 Zone A-12 Apprentice Hunts.
D-14 Zone A-13 J-1
D-15 Zone A-14 J-3
D-16 Zone A-15 J-4
D-17 Zone A-16 J-7
D-19 Zone A-17 J-8
  A-18 J-9
  A-19 J-10
  A-20 J-11
  A-21 J-12
  A-22 J-13
  A-24 J-14
  A-25 J-15
  A-26 J-16
  A-27 J-17
  A-30 J-18
  A-31 J-19
  A-32 J-20
  A-33 J-21