California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Wildlife Programs Staff Directory

Name Classification E-mail Address
Chief Eric Loft, Ph.D. Branch Chief
Kelly Barnes AGPA

Nongame Wildlife Program

The Nongame Program manages native mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians on a statewide level. Nongame Program conservation actions focus on Threatened and Endangered species and Species of Special Concern, and include: planning and implementing species conservation and recovery, preparing and reviewing listing/delisting petitions and status reviews, developing conservation strategies, overseeing research contracts, and issuing scientific collecting permits and research MOUs, and developing regulations.

In general, questions or comments concerning the enforcement of state fish and wildlife regulations, such as the possession or sale of restricted species, should be referred to the appropriate Enforcement District or reported to CalTIP.

Questions or comments concerning local wildlife issues, such as nuisance wildlife or localized habitat destruction, should be referred to the appropriate Region’s Wildlife Management or Habitat Conservation Program.

Name Classification E-mail Address
Kent Smith Environmental Program Manager
Dan Applebee Senior Environmental Scientist,
Threatened and Endangered Species Recovery Coordinator
Carie Battistone Senior Environmental Scientist,
Statewide Coordinator for Raptor Conservation
Betsy Bolster Senior Environmental Scientist, Retired Annuitant
Amphibian and Reptile Species of Special Concern
Esther Burkett Senior Environmental Scientist,
Research MOUs & Scientific Collecting Permits &
Threatened and Endangered Species (birds & mammals)
Neil Clipperton Senior Environmental Scientist,
Statewide Coordinator for Bird Conservation &
Bird Species of Special Concern
Rhianna Lee Senior Environmental Scientist,
Threatened and Endangered Species Recovery Coordinator
Scott Osborn, Ph.D. Senior Environmental Scientist,
Statewide Coordinator for Small Mammal Conservation
Laura Patterson Senior Environmental Scientist,
Statewide Coordinator for Amphibian & Reptile Conservation
Chris Stermer Senior Environmental Scientist,
Resource Assessment
Kevin Cahill Scientific Aid, Program Support
Justin Garcia Scientific Aid, Program Support
Madeleine Wieland Scientific Aid, Program Support

Please refer to this website for general wildlife questions, or contact the appropriate regional office.

Game Species Conservation Programs

Name Classification E-mail Address
Craig Stowers Environmental Program Manager
Deer Program
Stuart Itoga Senior Environmental Scientist (Supervisor)
Russell Mohr Environmental Scientist
Mary Sommer Environmental Scientist
David Casady Environmental Scientist
Victoria Barr Environmental Scientist,
SHARE & PLM Programs
Black Bear, Wild Pig & Mountain Lion
Vacant Environmental Scientist  
Elk & Pronghorn Antelope
Joe Hobbs Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
Bighorn Sheep
Regina Abella Environmental Scientist
Upland/Small Game Program
Scott Gardner Senior Environmental Scientist (Supervisor)
Karen Fothergill Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
Matt Meshriy Environmental Scientist
Levi Souza Environmental Scientist
Linda Sandoval Associate Analyst
Waterfowl Program
Melanie Weaver Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
Dan Skalos Environmental Scientist
Kristi Cripe Research Program Specialist, GIS
GIS Data and Maps

Wildlife Investigations Laboratory (WIL)

Name Classification E-mail Address
Steve Torres WIL Supervisor - Environmental Program Manager
Dr. Ben J. Gonzales Senior Wildlife Veterinarian
Marc Kenyon Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
Dr. Deana Clifford Associate Wildlife Veterinarian
Lora Konde Environmental Scientist
Karen Jones Retired Annuitant
Stella McMillin Senior Environmental Scientist, Toxicology
Tina Moran Staff Services Analyst
Krysta Rogers Environmental Scientist, Avian
Nicole Carion Senior Environmental Scientist,
Wildlife Rehabilitation/Exotic Species Permits

Lands Program

Name Classification E-mail Address
Kari Lewis Lands Program Manager
Land Management and Resource Assessment Programs
Teresa Le Blanc Senior Environmental Scientist
Sharon Taylor Environmental Scientist,
Lands Inventory
Karen Converse Environmental Scientist,
Land Management Planning
Shawn Fresz Environmental Scientist,
Land Management Planning
Wildlife Areas and Wildlife Restoration Programs
Brad Burkholder Senior Environmental Scientist
Comprehensive Wetland Habitat Program
Heidi West Senior Environmental Scientist
Integrated Pest Management
Joel Trumbo Senior Environmental Scientist
Daydre Roser Scientifc Aide
Minh Le Scientifc Aide
Ecological Reserves and Land Acquisition Programs
Julie Horenstein Senior Environmental Scientist
Web Applications
Akan Etiebet Contract Analyst
Branch Web Applications and Design
Geographic Information Systems
Lisa Ohara Research Analyst II, GIS
GIS Data and Maps