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Inland Deserts Region

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   3602 Inland Empire Boulevard
   Suite C-220
   Ontario, CA 91764
   (909) 484-0167
   FAX: (909) 481-2945

Field Offices

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Regional Manager:
Kimberly Nicol

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Mule Deer Hunting

Inland Deserts Region

Lead CDFW biologists: Jane McKeever, Tim Taylor, Mike Morrison

deer hunting zone map

Hunting Zone Map (click to enlarge)

As a part of managing deer in California, CDFW staff have developed hunting regulations that allow for deer harvest. The Inland Deserts Region has 8 deer hunt zones and another 9 additional special hunts that are within some of these zones.

Before you select a hunt to apply for, there are many things to consider like hunting regulations, the procedures to apply for a deer tag, and hunt-specific statistics such as hunter success and antler class of bucks harvested.