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Central Region

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Regional Manager:
Dr. Jeffrey R. Single

Wildflowers in the Central Region of California

State-threatened striped adobe lily (Fritillaria striata)

State-threatened striped
adobe lily (Fritillaria striata)

Frequently Asked Questions about Wildflowers

Where can I go to see wildflowers in the Central Region?

When is the best time to view wildflowers?

  • In most areas, spring is the best time to view wildflowers, but the dates vary each year due to weather patterns.  In general, higher elevations reach peak bloom later than lower elevations.  To find out what is blooming at a given time, call or check the wildflower hotlines.

How can I find out about wildflower field trips in my area?

Where can I get help identifying a wildflower?

Where can I find photographs of California plants?

What are some good references about wildflowers in our area?

Why aren't there good wildflower displays every year?

  • Many of our wildflowers are annuals, meaning that the plants die at the end of the growing season.   They produce seeds one year that sprout the next time the conditions are right.  Our variable weather means that conditions are not right every year.  Sufficient rainfall is needed at the appropriate times in the growing season, and temperature plays a role, too. 

Where can I pick wildflowers?

  • Sorry, but you shouldn’t pick them anywhere.  You will enjoy them for only a short while, but by picking them you may damage the long-term health of the population.  Besides, it’s against the law, even on roadsides. Take pictures instead!  

How does DFG control weeds?

  • There are more than 1,000 non-native plants in California that are naturalized (growing without cultivation).  Many of these plants are invasive, choking out our native plants and reducing habitat quality for animals. We use various forms of management to control invasive plants on DFG lands, including grazing, hand-pulling, and the judicious use of herbicides.

Where can I find lists of plants that grow on DFG lands?

Which plants are rare?

How many rare plants are in the Central Region?

Where can I get more information on rare plants?

How can I keep deer from eating my garden?