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Final Report for Agreement P0385901

Project Goal

Agreement P0385901 continued a collaborative agreement between the University of California at Davis Wildlife Health Center (WHC) and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife's Resource Assessment Program (RAP) to assist RAP in developing and implementing a resource assessment strategy for fish, wildlife, native plants and natural communities in the state of California. This agreement specifically aims to increase opportunities for independent scientific review of proposed projects and collaborative resource assessment efforts.

In order to increase opportunities for collaborative scientific endeavors and identify the most relevant and highest quality projects, the Wildlife Health Center and CDFG's Resource Assessment Program established a competitive grants program in Fall 2004. The reports below directly resulted from the grant program. Per agreement with the investigators only the Abstract and Table of Contents are available to the Public at this time. Please contact the Wildlife Health Center for more information.

Full Report (273 pages)

  • Beissinger: Black Rail Metapopulation Dynamics
  • Bennett: Delta Smelt Reproduction and Longevity
  • Bleich and Mazet: Bighorn Sheep Disease Transmission Model
  • Moritz: Web-toed Salamander Genetic Diversity and Habitat Characteristics
  • Rotenberry and Preston: Coastal Sage Scrub Bird Species Niche Models
  • Rotenberry and Preston: Coastal Sage Scrub Bird Species Niche Models
  • Eadie: Great Gray Owl Habitat Requirements and Distribution Ernest: Great Gray Owl Population Genetics
  • Woodroffe: Santa Cruz Island Fox Response to Predation
  • Woodroffe: American Badgers Status and Habitat Requirements
  • Boyce: West Nile Virus Mortality in Corvids