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California Aquatic Non-Native Species Database (CANOD)

OSPR manages a database, known as CANOD (California Aquatic Non-native Organism Database), that was developed to record baseline information about marine and estuarine non-native species on the California Coast. CANOD continues to be a tool to help monitor new introductions and to understand the patterns associated with those introductions.

CANOD contains the name and location of every known non-native species on the California coast. The database includes information about the vector of introduction (e.g. ballast water, hull fouling, etc.), date of introduction, locations observed, and native region of each species. CANOD is continuously being refined as more surveys for non-native aquatic species are completed. New records are being added continually, and existing records are frequently updated and modified as new information becomes available. As such, CANOD is a dynamic database, so users should ensure that they have the most current copy of the database before making use of the data. For additional information about CANOD contact Karen Bigham

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