California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Chronology of Spills

Date Location Source Product Spill Amount (bbls)
1/25/2013 Feather River Canyon Union Pacific Railroad diesel 3,200 gallons
10/23/2012 Riverside County Sandia Creek asphalt tar 600 gallons
12/11/2011 Richmond Tug Tiger diesel unknown
12/10/2011 UC Berkeley UC Berkeley, Stanley Hall (fuel tank) diesel 1,700 gallons
3/11/2011 Santa Cruz, Crescent City Harbors Tsunami Multiple pollution threats unknown
3/7/2011 Javon Canyon landslide crude oil unknown
2/21/2011 Long Beach Harbor T/V Al Jalaa Diesel fuel 840 gallons
11/7/2010 Long Beach Harbor Da Tang 18 vessel bunker fuel 6,000 gallons
9/6/2010 Petaluma River T/V Matilla bilge oil, waste oil 400 gallons
5/26/2010 Donner Summit Tank Truck accident red diesel 3,000 gallons
1/22/2010 Huntington Beach Channel under investigation crude oil 16
2010 Long Beach Dominguez Channel Oil unknown
10/30/2009 San Francisco Bay T/V Dubai Star bunker fuel 10
8/17/2009 San Francisco Bay USS Wenonah Tugboat diesel fuel, residual oil 17 oily water mix
4/15/2009 San Francisco Bay Big Timber(Fishing Trawler) IFO 420 gallons
12/7/2008 Santa Barbara Channel Platform A crude oil 27
10/13/2008 San Francisco Bay Tugboat Resolute diesel 140 gallons
9/5/2008 San Diego Asphalt Spill at Batiquitos diesel 60-80 gallons
5/14/2008 Contra Costa County Tesoro Refinery/Tug Independence unknown 1,500 gallons
5/5/2008 San Pablo Bay Reaction Products facility toluene 79
2/21/2008 Smith River, Crescent City Tank Truck accident red diesel 95
1/29/2008 Palmer Creek, Santa Maria Greka Energy facility crude oil 250
1/5/2008 Zaca Station, Santa Maria Greka Energy facility crude oil 1,310
12/7/2007 Blochman Pond, Santa Maria Greka Energy facility crude oil 2,048
11/7/2007 San Francisco M/V Cosco Busan bunker fuel 1,262
7/16/2007 Santa Barbara County Greka Bell Lease facility crude oil 286
4/23/2007 Martinez Pacific Energy Partners Marine Terminal crude oil 42 gallons
4/19/2007 Los Angeles unknown Red dye diesel 210 gallons
4/17/2007 Tracy Shell Pipeline crude oil 4,000 gallons
3/23/2007 American River Trestle Incident UPRR creosote-treated railroad ties unknown
2/12/2007 San Francisco’s Ocean Beach natural seep tarballs unknown
1/30/2007 Tar Creek Vintage Production medium-weight oil 20 gallons oil spill
9/8/2006 Port of Long Beach BP pipeline gas oil 1,023
8/18/2006 Klamath River VSS EmulTech chip seal 3,000 gallons
6/23/2006 Vallejo Sabek diesel 4,500 gallons
4/5/2006 Stockton Barge Holland diesel & motor oil 10,129 gallons
1/26/2006 Ft. Bragg F/ V Miss Kelley diesel fuel & other motor oils 2,000 gallons
4/1/2005 Donner Summit Kinder Morgan pipeline fuel oils unknown
3/23/2005 Pyramid Lake Pacific Energy pipeline crude oil 3,000
4/17/2004 Suisun Marsh Kinder Morgan pipeline diesel fuel >2,023
11/24/2001 Bolinas to Carmel SS Jacob Luckenbach bunker fuel unknown
12/30/2000 East Walker River Tank Truck accident #6 fuel oil 86
2/28/2000 Ventura County Tank Truck accident crude oil 143
9/6/1999 Eureka M/V Stuyvesant bunker fuel 48
11/10/1998 Port of Long Beach M/T Neapolis crude oil 150
9/26/1998 Half Moon Bay M/V Command bunker fuel 72
4/23/1998 Contra Costa County Shell oil refinery crude oil 400,000 gal
2/14/1998 Ventura Texaco pipeline crude oil 200
1/24/1998 Bardsdale Torch pipeline crude oil 500
11/5/1997 Eureka M/V Kure bunker fuel 108
9/28/1997 Santa Barbara Channel Torch pipeline crude oil 163
3/1/1997 Donner Summit SFPP pipeline gas,diesel,jet unknown
2/26/1997 Norden UPRR transfer pipe red diesel 405
10/28/1996 San Francisco Cape Mohican bunker fuel 200
3/11/1995 Arroyo Passejero Chevron Pipeline crude oil 6,000
11/22/1994 San Diego River SFPP oil-water separator jet aviation fuel 1,000
1/27/1994 Martinez Shell pipeline diesel fuel 1,200
1/17/1994 Santa Clara River ARCO pipeline crude oil 4,607
12/25/1993 McGrath Lake Berry Petroleum pipeline crude oil 2,000
4/6/1993 Grapevine Creek ARCO Four Corners pipeline crude oil 6,200
8/3/1992 Avila Beach Unocal Tank Farm crude oil 2,100
6/14/1992 Guadalupe Beach Unocal pipelines diluent 120,000-476,000
3/16/1991 El Segundo Chevron Pipeline crude oil 477
1/31/1991 Santa Clara River Mobil pipeline crude oil 1,000
1/8/1991 Los Angeles Harbor M/V Sammi Superstar bunker fuel 308
7/14/1991 Sacramento River Chemical Tank Car herbicide 19,000 gal
2/7/1990 Huntington Beach M/T American Trader crude oil 416,598 gal
1/28/1986 Marin to Monterey coastline Barge Apex Houston crude oil 25,800 gal
cleaned 2000 Avila II oil spill (legacy) Numerous pipeline leaks crude oil unknown
NRDA 2010 Chevron Richmond Castro Cove stormwater run-off to marsh wastewater unknown
2000-2005 Searles Lake Chemical plant hypersaline wastewater unknown
1940s-1970s Pacific Ocean -- Los Angeles Montrose Chemical plant pesticide DDT 1,800 tons
1899 Shasta County waterways Iron Mt. Mine acid mine drainage unknown
1845-1971 Guadalupe River watershed New Almaden Mine mercury unknown
1954 Alpine County waterways Leviathan Mine acid mine drainage unknown

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Date Location Source Product Amount