California Department of Fish and Wildlife

1995 News Releases

  1. Pacific Coast Oil Spill Task Force To Hold Public Meeting In San Diego
    NR The States/British Columbia Oil Spill Task Force will hold its 1995 annual meeting at the Hubbs-Sea World Institute in San Diego, California on July 18th. -
  2. Quick Response Leads to Quick Cleanup in Compton, 12/24/1995
    NR Approximately 420 gallons of SAE 20 motor oil were spilled into a storm drain, which migrated into the Dominguez Channel. -
  3. Tank Truck Accident Results in Spill Leading To Newhall Creek, 12/13/1995
    NR An accident, involving a tank truck with trailer resulted in the release of a petroleum product. -
  4. Weather & Water Make Spill Resonse Tough, 12/13/1995
    NR Rain and runoff increased the difficulty of containing and collecting oil that reached Bull Creek -
  5. Bull Creek Cleanup Winding Up, 12/14/1995
    NR The Department of Fish and Game's joint response with the California Highway Patrol will draw to a close. -
  6. Fish & Game Asks For help In Catching Illegal Dumper, 11/29/1995
    NR DFG needs the public's help in catching the individual(s) responsible for illegally dumping 100 gallons of used crank case oil into a storm drain. -
  7. Cleanup At Newport Bay, 11/30/1995
    NR OSPR released cleanup crews today from the estimated 100 gallon crank case oil spill at Newport Bay -
  8. Crude Oil Spill Contained - 2/22/1995
    NR DFG contained a crude oil spill in the San Gabriel River. -