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Graphic California map showing the locations of Leviathan spill A creek with mineral deposits

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Leviathan Mine CERCLA Site

  • LOCATION: Leviathan and Bryant Creeks, Alpine County, CA and Douglas County, NV
  • DATE: Since 1954 and continuing
  • INCIDENT SUMMARY: Acid mine drainage (AMD) from the Leviathan Mine runs out of the mine site and into several creeks, impacting many miles of streams and adjacent land.
  • RESPONSIBLE PARTY: Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO)
  • NATURAL RESOURCE TRUSTEES: California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, Washoe Tribe, United States Bureau of Indian Affairs, Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, United States Forest Service.
  • RESOURCES IMPACTED: Instream habitat and wildlife (fish, macroinvertebrates); riparian habitat; tribal resource uses; recreational uses (fishing).
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