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Map showing the locations of Stuyvesant spill An oiled bird

Stuyvesant / Humboldt Oil Spill

  • LOCATION: Humboldt County Coast
  • DATE: September 6, 1999
  • INCIDENT SUMMARY: The Dredge M/V Stuyvesant spilled approximately 2,000 gallons of Intermediate Fuel Oil 180 (IFO-180) into the Pacific Ocean near the entrance to Humboldt Bay.
  • NATURAL RESOURCE TRUSTEES: California Department of Fish and Wildlife, California State Lands Commission, United States Fish and Wildlife Service
  • RESOURCES IMPACTED: Birds (2,405 estimated killed, including 1,600 Common Murres and 135 Marbled Murrelets); habitat (coastal beaches); water column (shrimp, fish); human recreational uses (beach use)
  • SETTLEMENT DETAILS: The trustees settled the NRDA portion of the case for $6.71 million. This includes $2.075 million for various habitat and recreational use projects, and a conservation easement for the Miracle Mile forest parcel, valued at $4.74 million including monitoring costs.
  • STATUS OF RESTORATION: Final Restoration Plan completed; restoration projects now in progress.

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