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OSPR enforces the laws designed to prevent spills, dispatches units to respond to spills, and investigates spills. Department of Fish and Wildlife officers have the authority to enforce the criminal statutes contained in the Act. Wardens conduct spill investigations, and gather and prepare evidence which is an essential element in any court case. The enforcement program also conducts comprehensive OSPR drills and exercises. During spill response, the State On-Scene Commander is usually a wildlife officer. OSPR maintains a 24 hour Communications Center headquarters in Sacramento. The Center has the responsibility of dispatching wardens to marine oil spills, inland oil and hazardous materials spills. It also dispatches most of the Departments entire warden force after hours and on weekends. The Communications Center received more than 5,198 spill reports from the Office of Emergency Services in 1997. The Communications Operators receive incoming radio calls from various sources to assist them. They also interact with the public, via telephone, providing information ranging from mountain lion complaints to Department regulations and officer safety issues. Reports of violations are taken from the CalTIP line and given to the appropriate officer. In the event of a major spill the Communications Center makes all of the necessary notifications to OSPR Personnel, county, State, and federal agencies. They also serve as a direct link between the OSPR Operations Center and the spill location.

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