California Department of Fish and Wildlife

White Seabass Fishery Management Plan: Personal Communications

Arenas, Pablo. Fisheries Biologist. Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission. La Jolla, CA

Athens, Tim. Commercial fisherman. F/V Outer Banks. Channel Islands Harbor, CA

Carreta, James. National Marine Fisheries Service. La Jolla, CA

Collins, Dr. Charles. Ornithologist. California State University Long Beach, Long Beach, CA

Conroy, Mike. Captain of the CPFV Aztec. Pierpoint Landing. Long Beach, CA

Crooke, Steve. Senior Biologist. CDFG. Los Alamitos, CA

Fadley, Mike. CPFV captain. Redondo Sportfishing. Redondo Beach, CA

Forney, Dr. Karen. National Marine Fisheries Service. Santa Cruz, CA

Horeczko, Michell. Marine Biologist. CDFG. Los Alamitos, CA

Lum, Mathew. Freediver/spear fisherman. Santa Barbara, CA

Mardesich, Steve. Commercial fisherman. San Pedro, CA

Napoli, Thomas. Staff Environmental Scientist. CDFG. Los Alamitos, CA

O'Reilly, Kelly. Marine Biologist. CDFG. Los Alamitos, CA

Rasmussen, Andrew. Commercial fisherman. Santa Barbara, CA

Romanowski, Paul. Freediver/spear fisherman. Fathomiers. Los Angeles, CA

Yaremko, Marci. Associate Marine Biologist. CDFG. La Jolla, CA