California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Project Resources: Hagfish

  • Annual Status of the Fisheries Reports (2009) - COMING SOON
    The Marine Life Management Act (MLMA) of 1998 mandated that the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) review at least one quarter of state-managed marine fisheries annually with a focus on species that are the subject of a directed recreational or commercial fishery. The report contains a history of the hagfish fishery, status of biological knowledge, the status of the population, management considerations, and references to more hagfish information.
  • CalCOFI Report Volume 49, 2008-Fishery Review of Hagfish (refer to pages 31-34)
    California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations (CalCOFI) reports are published annually in conjunction with the CalCOFI conference. The Fishery Reviews provide updates on selected California fisheries. Information on historical catch, biological knowledge, and status is also included.
  • Fisheries Forum Reports
    The Fisheries Forum is an annual report to the legislature regarding the fisheries that the CDFW manages or monitors. Fishery statistics and biological status is included.
  • Hagfish: A Re-emerging Fishery by Sabrina Bell
    Marine Management News, May 2009
    This article describes the biology of hagfish, the commercial fishery and its trends, and the State Finfish Management Project's interest in learning more about the hagfish fishery through it current monitoring program.