California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Recreational Abalone Advisory Committee (RAAC)
Special Meeting: April 13, 2002 (Phone Conference)


Purpose of Special Meeting: Review 2001-2002 budget and discuss budget needs for 2002-2003 and Wild Life Protection augmentation requests.

RAAC Members Present: Konstantin Karpov, Rocky Danniels, Steve Benavides, Steve Campi, John Colgate, Capt. Dennis Davenport (for Lt. Steve Riske), Richard Pogre.

Absent: Mike Henderson.

One Seat Vacant.

Others Present: DFG staff - Lucy Johnson, Peter Haaker, Jonathan Ramsay.

Reference: Abalone Projected Budget 2001-2002 (excel).


1. Review 2001-2002 budget

Kon reviewed the status of the account, most of which has been spent. On December 31, 2002 account had $683,160.73. In 2001 40,347 abalone punch cards were sold for $12.00 each, totaling $484,164. Lucy said more cards are trickling in but most have already been sent in. Lucy went through each section of the spreadsheet and discussion raised some questions and comments on various cost issues. Danniels stated that the $12,000 abalone card printing cost should not come out of abalone account. Benavides and Campi agree and want to know if printing costs can come out of another pocket.

Action: Kon will check with Sue Casper regarding this issue and details on administrative overhead to provide clarification to the committee members.

The committee was curious about the regulation of the 20% administrative fees in addition to how we are tracking expenditures. Lucy said she checks the Cal-Stars report monthly to see if money is being taken out of the correct account and fixes mistakes.

Davenport questioned if the $18,000 for Resolve was specifically for ARMP and not for the Nearshore Fisheries Management Plan (NFMP) or Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA).

Rocky thought that $40,500 was too much for abalone personnel in Eureka and Ramsay explained the duties performed for himself and the scientific aid being paid from that fund. The $52,452 for wildlife protection(WLP) south of San Francisco(SF) was also questioned and Davenport clarified that 15% of funds is needed south of SF even though most of the work and effort, from that $52,452, is in the North. Colgate pointed out that John Ugoretz was paid from the abalone fund and had told him he worked solely on MLPA during that period. Ramsay clarified that both worked together during the transition phase when Ugoretz was training Ramsay.

Benavides made comment that, during times of low resources, poaching increases (In an allusion to potential raids on the dedicated account). We must watch our budget. Lucy added that her monthly reviews or the Cal-Stars report has been successful in identifying an fixing miss coding in the budget.

2. Wild Life Protection Augmentation

Davenport led discussion on increasing yearly overtime for WLP from $20,600 to $50,000 for this fiscal year. He would like to see this augmentation a permanent fixture of each years budget. He pointed out that by July 1, 2001 an 42% increase in violations(we can assume a 50% for the entire year) was accomplished due to the added enforcement pressure because of last years budget increase. Basically more money leads to greater field enforcement which leads to more violations. For example in 1999-2000 which the South did not have $16,400 in overtime, contacts were down 20%. Rocky asked what the relevance was of the violation account fund. Kon and Davenport discussed problems with tracking violations account fund and discussed some potential solutions. Basic problem is who is putting the money into the account and who is taking it out. WLP feels that 25-30% of the budget is appropriate for their enforcing needs and the abalone sport community wants this and thought that is what the abalone card was for. Rocky and Benevides added that there is also a need for a presence of biologist in the field so the public can see that the department is gathering data to better understand the fishery and back up their concerns.

Motion to support a single year budget augmentation of $27,814 for the 2001-2002 season ending on July 1 which would increase WLP to $50,000 for this year. All members on the call were in favor of motion.

Lucy explained to Dennis, who will help Kon audit WLP overtime expenditures for the rest of the fiscal year, that he needs to account for staff benefits of 7.7% (or $3,575) as part of the proposed $50,000 expenditure.

3. Budget Needs for 2002-2003

Department is in the process of approving mandate plans, discussing department expenditure priorities and staff assignment changes for the next fiscal year (2002-2003).

Kon is looking into obtaining $10,000 for a technical writer to aid in the drafting of the ARMP from the Pacific Stated Marine Fisheries Commission. Given current mandate planned priorities there will probably be no money to fund a genetic contract next year.

4. Next Regular Meeting

August 24, 2002 Los Alamitos Fish and Game conference room from 09:30 to 15:30.

5. Agenda Items Suggested For Next Meeting

  • Funding need for genetic study
  • Abalone Recovery and Management Plan

End Meeting Minutes