California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Nearshore Fishery Management Plan (NFMP): Section 2, List of Tables

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Table 2.2-1.

2001 Optimum Yield and Allocation for Nearshore Finfish in Metric Tons

Table 2.3-1.

Ambient Air Standards

Table 2.3-2.

Areas of Special Biological Significance in or Adjacent to the Marine Environment

Table 2.3-3.

Marine Mammal Species Found in California Waters

Table 2.3-4.

Sea Turtle Stranding Reported to the California Sea Turtle Stranding Network (2000)

Table 2.3-5.

The Status of Federal and State Seabirds

Table 2.3-6.

Number of Commercial Fishers in California with Landings of Nearshore Finfish Market Categories by Gear and Total Number of Landings per Year, 1989 to 1999

Table 2.3-7.

Commercial Nearshore Finfish Landings and Value by Year for Nineteen Nearshore Finfish Species and all Commercial Gear Types (excluding trawl)

Table 2.3-8.

Average Commercial Landings, Pounds, and Value, for Nearshore Finfish Species Over Years 1989 through 1999, all Gears Except Trawl