California Department of Fish and Wildlife

New Option to Turn In Report Card Data Online


by Mary Patyten, Research Writer

DFG will begin to offer a new online harvest reporting service starting December 1 for abalone report cards, and January 1 for spiny lobster report cards.

To report online, just go to DFG's Online License Service page and search for your profile by entering your last name, date of birth and ID Number, which can be a driver's license number, a GO ID or other form of identification. When the system finds an exact match, it automatically logs the user on to their profile, where he or she can purchase a license or complete a harvest report.

Confirmation numbers will be provided to those who report online, so there will be no need to mail in the report card. Write the number on the report card and retain it for 90 days for survey purposes. Once a report card has been reported, it is no longer valid.

Please note: The law requires harvest data in a timely manner even if you were unsuccessful or did not hunt or fish. You can visit DFG's Harvest Reporting page for additional information on harvest reporting requirements.

Standard mail reporting is still available and can be done through the address printed on the report card.

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