California Department of Fish and Wildlife

MPA Outreach Partnerships


California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) role in MPA education and outreach: 

As lead managing agency for California’s MPA Network, CDFW is responsible for providing MPA regulations to the public. The outreach goal of CDFW is to increase MPA awareness and understanding, facilitate MPA regulatory compliance, support enforcement and encourage informed enjoyment and stewardship of MPAs.

How to get involved with MPA education and outreach: 

Collaborative working groups have begun to form across the state, many are regionally-specific and usually represent multiple interest groups. These groups are not led by CDFW, though CDFW does encourage all groups to consult with CDFW’s MPA Outreach Coordination Project staff prior to producing materials. The Outreach Coordination Project Staff members will provide a review of submitted materials by checking for accuracy, consistency and comprehensiveness of information within the scope of California’s MPA Network. If you have questions about the working groups or would like to contact CDFW about collaboration with outreach materials, contact MPA Outreach Coordination Project staff.

Where to find existing MPA education and outreach resources: 

CDFW has produced regionally-specific education and outreach brochures and guidebooks. These are available free of charge at local CDFW offices or can be found online, and can be ordered. Examples of materials produced by organizations outside of CDFW that generally follow CDFW guidelines can be found at: All materials found on this site that have the CDFW (or CDFG) logo have undergone the formal review process and have been approved by CDFW.

Why partner with CDFW for education and outreach: 

Building partnerships provides both CDFW and your organization the opportunity to make the most of available skills, resources and expertise. Partnerships ensure the ability to act quickly when an outreach or educational resource need is identified, and enhances the chances for partners' resources to reach additional audiences through a variety of approaches. Whether translating materials into different languages, providing interpretive programs to school children, or conducting trainings, partnerships allow for a broad range of complementary MPA education and outreach efforts to occur simultaneously within a region. Partners can assist CDFW efforts by providing localized knowledge in the creation of site- or MPA-specific guides, brochures, signage and interpretive panels. Overall, partnering with CDFW, whether formally or on an informational basis, can help your organization improve the accuracy and efficacy of your outreach products.

What partnerships mean to CDFW: 

CDFW recognizes that there are varying levels of partnership, whether it is through simple coordination, cooperation, collaboration or formal partnership. There is great potential for interested organizations to work with CDFW at any of these levels. At a minimum, CDFW would like to be in communication and coordination with your efforts. Where missions overlap, we find mutual benefit in developing formal partnerships.

Why have your products reviewed by CDFW: 

Having your MPA outreach products reviewed by CDFW staff helps to ensure that your products are accurate, consistent with statewide outreach product formats, and foster public understanding and compliance in a way that also supports CDFW enforcement efforts. Outreach products that undergo the CDFW review process are eligible to use the CDFW logo for added recognition of your product.

How the review process works: 

CDFW has dedicated staff specifically to assist in coordinating MPA outreach and education product reviews and input. Your draft products should be sent to staff on the MPA Outreach Coordination Project who will work with your organization to provide both initial and final input and review of your products while working with your organization to ensure product accuracy. This process may take one to three rounds of feedback and up to several weeks to complete. However, it will ensure that your product is accurate, complete and up to date.

Getting started - A quick reference guide to CDFW standards for outreach materials: 

Before you begin your project, CDFW suggests you take a look at the MPA Outreach Quick Reference Guide. Following these guidelines will help with product development and may also help to expedite the CDFW review process. A table of standardized MPA color coding and an approved summary of MPA regulations are also available.

Mobile MPA QR Code 

QR codes placed on signage and in publications allow smart phone users to read the code using apps that direct the users to the MPA Mobile webpage. View or download the MPA Mobile QR code