California Department of Fish and Wildlife

MPA Research and Monitoring Activities

Statewide Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) Management staff work to implement, monitor, and manage California’s statewide coastal network of MPAs, pursuant to the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA), Marine Managed Areas Improvement Act, and other relevant California legislation such as the Marine Life Management Act and California Ocean Protection Act, and guided by the master plan for MPAs. Provisions of the MLPA require monitoring and research to facilitate adaptive management.

CDFW staff continue to work with key partners, such as the MPA Monitoring Enterprise (a program of the California Ocean Science Trust), California Ocean Protection Council, and California Sea Grant to provide oversight on all aspects of MPA research, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting to inform adaptive management. CDFW staff also continue to work with partners, academic institutions, and others to coordinate data collection related to marine life, habitats, and commercial and recreational activities that occur both inside and outside MPAs, and to develop programs for cost-effective, continued MPA monitoring. For more information regarding MPA monitoring programs and comprehensive monitoring plans, visit the MPA Monitoring Enterprise website. MPA baseline monitoring data collected is publicly accessible on OceanSpaces.

Complementary to MPA baseline monitoring programs and continued MPA monitoring efforts, staff administer a Geographic Information System, explore MPA effects on California's marine fisheries, and conduct field investigations such as remotely operated vehicle projects. You may view an interim report of the latest CDFW led remotely operated vehicle survey.