California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Cooperative Research and Assessment of Nearshore Ecosystems (CRANE) Program

Fishery-Independent Research: Shallow Subtidal Studies
CRANE is a collaborative effort between the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), various universities, private organizations, and government programs to gather and report data for fishery management and performance of marine protected areas. In 2004, funding was available for a wide-scale survey and report of fish and invertebrate populations in shalllow, rocky habitats accessible to divers (Monterey to San Diego, including the Channel Islands).

Compilation and Analysis of Coastal Impact Assistance Program (CIAP) Nearshore Survey Data Requires Adobe Reader
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  • Appendix A: CRANE Data Sheets Requires Adobe Reader
  • Appendix B: Sampling Site Maps, Sampling Data and Physical Data Requires Adobe Reader
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  • Appendix C: Fish Data: Species Lists, Site Summaries, and Species Summaries Requires Adobe Reader
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  • Appendix D: Invertebrate, Algae and Substrate Data: Site Summaries Requires Adobe Reader
  • Appendix E: Historical Data Sets from Long-Term Nearshore Biological Sampling: Site Descriptions Requires Adobe Reader
  • Available Data

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