California Department of Fish and Wildlife

CPS-HMS Digital Landing Receipt Upload

This form is to be used by fish dealers and processors to digitally submit landing receipts containing CPS (Market squid, Pacific sardine, Pacific mackerel, northern anchovy and jack mackerel).

Contact Information

Please fill out the contact information of the person submitting this form or a company point of contact familiar with receipt submissions.

Contact Name:
Contact Email:
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Fish Business ID:
Number of Receipts/Landings:
Number of Files Uploaded:

Pounds Landed by Species

Please enter total poundage of each species, from receipts uploaded for this submission.

Pacific Mackerel (51): lbs.
Jack Mackerel (55): lbs.
Pacific Sardine (100): lbs.
Northern Anchovy (110): lbs.
Market Squid (711): lbs.

Attach Landing Receipts

Press 'Browse' or 'Choose File' and select file to upload from the pop-up box. If submitting more than one file, press the new 'Browse' or 'Choose File' button that appears (Limit 5 files, 20 MB total).

Submit Information

Enter the solution to the math problem in the box. Then press the 'Submit Information' button that appears. Once you hit 'Submit Information' a dialog box will appear confirming your submission and you will receive a confirmation email at the address submitted in 'Contact Information'.

Please remember you are still required to submit the original signed copy of these landing receipts to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife according to F&G Code § 8046.

If you need assistance please contact Elizabeth Hellmers at or (858) 334-2813.

Please note: Information transmitted via the Internet is not secure until received by CDFW.