California Department of Fish and Wildlife

2007 Assessment of Blue Rockfish (Sebastes mystinus) in California

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    Pre-Assessment Data Workshop - Blue Rockfish
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    Assessment of Blue Rockfish in California
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    Data File for 2007 Blue Rockfish Stock Assessment
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    Control File for 2007 Blue Rockfish Stock Assessment
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Background Information

Blue Rockfish
In 2007, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife completed a stock assessment for blue rockfish (Sebastes mystinus) in California waters, north of Point Conception. This is the fifth stock assessment1 completed under the Marine Life Management Act Nearshore Fishery Management Plan where CDFW has been the lead author or a contributing author. This assessment was considered to be data-poor with many uncertainties, but the Stock Assessment Review (STAR) panel concluded that it was suitable for use in management decision-making. The uncertainties outlined in the assessment by the STAR panel present challenges in considering which management measures will provide long-term sustainability. Two species of blue rockfish have been genetically identified in the waters off California, which also presents challenges in determining how to manage the stock(s) of blue rockfish.

The blue rockfish stock assessment is available in PDF format online or a request can be made to receive a CD-ROM containing copies of (1) the stock assessment and (2) the STAR report by contacting Ms. Meisha Key at (831) 420-3973 or Should you need additional information, please contact Ms. Deb Wilson-Vandenberg, Nearshore Fishery Management Plan Implementation Coordinator, at (831) 649-2892 or

1Black rockfish (Sebastes melanops) were also assessed along the west coast in 2007. The southern stock resides in the waters south of Cape Falcon, Oregon to Point Piedras Blancas, California and can be downloaded at: