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Humboldt Bay Ecosystem-Based Management Project

Rainbow over Indian Island, North Humboldt Bay. Photo courtesy of Annie Eicher/UC ANR.

The Humboldt Bay Ecosystem Program was created in November 2006 with funding from the State Coastal Conservancy by a group of resource managers and scientists who were inspired by a unique combination of planning, community involvement, national, state and local policy. The goal was to develop proposals to facilitate the development of an ecosystem-based management (EBM) program for Humboldt Bay, the Humboldt Bay Watershed, and adjacent nearshore coastal waters.

Ecosystem-based management seeks to balance ecological, economic, and social considerations in a science-based management approach so that ecosystem integrity and human well-being are maintained, improved, and perhaps most importantly, sustainable. It takes into consideration external influences, cumulative impacts and changing conditions, and acknowledges that ecosystem processes and human interactions are inherently linked, and that our understanding of them is incomplete.

The purpose of the Humboldt Bay Ecosystem-based Management Project is to develop a practical implementation method for an ecosystems approach. The program will build an ecosystem-based management framework, prepare two to six proposals on high priority issues, and develop recommendations for establishment and maintenance of a Humboldt Bay Ecosystem database. The Humboldt Bay Ecosystem-based Management Program will encourage innovative and synthetic thinking to evaluate effects and recommend management actions.

Kirsten Ramey, Associate Marine Biologist
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