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California Marine Protected Areas

Bair Island State Marine Park
Important: As of March 1, 2016 new MPA regulations are in effect.
Management Area: San Francisco Bay

County: San Mateo

Nearest Port: San Francisco

Regulations in Effect Since: 1986

Boundaries: This area consists of waters below the mean high tide line within the Bair Island Ecological Reserve.

Recreational Fishing

Allowed Species: Finfish by hook-and-line from shore only, marine aquatic plants except kelp

Prohibited Species: Kelp

Commercial Fishing

Allowed Species: None

Prohibited Species: All

Other Regulations:

Boating, swimming, wading, and diving are prohibited within the park.

No person, except state and local law enforcement officers, fire suppression agencies and employees of the department in the performance of their official duties or persons possessing written permission from the department, shall enter this park during the period February 15 through May 20.

It is unlawful to injure, damage, take, or possess any living, geological, or cultural marine resource for recreational purposes, except for those listed above. Commercial use is not permitted.