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California Marine Protected Areas

Carmel Bay State Marine Conservation Area
Important: As of October 1, 2014 new MPA regulations are in effect.
Management Area: Central California (Pigeon Pt. to Pt. Conception)

County: Monterey

Nearest Port: Monterey

Regulations in Effect Since: 2007

Boundaries: This area is bounded by the mean high tide line and straight lines connecting the following points in the order listed:

36° 33.65' N. lat. 121° 57.10' W. long.;
36° 31.70' N. lat. 121° 56.30' W. long.; and
36° 31.70' N. lat. 121° 55.55' W. long.

Recreational Fishing

Allowed Species: Finfish

Prohibited Species: All marine aquatic plants. All invertebrates.

Commercial Fishing

Allowed Species: Bull kelp and giant kelp by hand harvest only

Prohibited Species: Marine aquatic plants except bull kelp and giant kelp. All finfish. All invertebrates.

Other Regulations:

The commercial take of giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) and bull kelp (Nereocystis spp.) by hand is allowed under the following conditions:

  1. A kelp harvester with a valid license issued pursuant to Section 165 may take no more than 44 tons of kelp from the portion of Administrative Kelp Bed 219 within the Carmel Bay State Marine Conservation Area in any calendar month.
  2. Duplicate landing records must be kept on board the harvest vessel in accordance with the requirements of Section 165.