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California Marine Protected Areas

Russian Gulch State Marine Conservation Area
Important: As of December 19, 2012 new MPA regulations are in effect for the Northern California coast from the Oregon/California border to Point Arena.
Management Area: Northern California (Pigeon Pt. northward)

County: Mendocino

Nearest Port: Noyo Harbor (Fort Bragg)

Regulations in Effect Since: 12/19/2012

Boundaries: This area is bounded by the mean high tide line and straight lines connecting the following points in the order listed:

39° 19.860' N. lat. 123° 48.840' W. long.;
39° 19.860' N. lat. 123° 49.000' W. long.;
39° 19.470' N. lat. 123° 49.000' W. long.; and
39° 19.470' N. lat. 123° 48.500' W. long.

Recreational Fishing

Allowed Species: All

Prohibited Species: None

Commercial Fishing

Allowed Species: Finfish. Invertebrates. Marine aquatic plants (except giant kelp and bull kelp).

Prohibited Species: Giant kelp and bull kelp