California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Wildlife Area Information for Waterfowl Hunters

Ongoing drought is affecting California’s wildlife areas and national wildlife refuges. The amount of water available to wildlife areas and refuges varies by area. Some areas will have significantly reduced amounts of water available for habitat management, while others will have less drastic reductions. Therefore, some wildlife areas and refuges may be closed, may open later in the season, or may have a reduced hunter quota. The CDFW is making every effort to limit the availability of reservation applications that hunters can apply for, to only those areas that will be open for hunting. However, refunds cannot be issued for applications submitted to areas that are closed or if reservations are not available.

Closed wildlife areas may open later in the season if conditions improve. Open the chart below to view the status or wildlife areas and refuges:

WILDLIFE AREA STATUS CHART (which areas are open or closed) (PDF)

Due to ongoing drought, Sutter National Wildlife Refuge and Llano Seco Unit of Upper Butte Basin Wildlife Area are closed until further notice. Kern National Wildlife Refuge is currently closed, but is scheduled to open on 11/29/2014. (Llano Seco Unit is open for upland game bird hunting on pheasant hunting days.)

Check Twitter tag #cawildlifeareaclosures for updates on State-operated wildlife area closures.