California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Sage Grouse Permits

On August 6, 2014, the Fish and Game Commission adopted the following  quotas for the 2014 sage grouse hunting season:

East Lassen Zone Map (PDF) 0
Central Lassen Zone Map (PDF) 0
North Mono Zone Map (PDF) 30
South Mono Zone Map (PDF) 0

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Sage grouse permits are issued by random drawing and are required to hunt sage grouse in California. Hunters may apply for permits using the Online License Service, in person at a CDFW License Sales Office, or by mail using a standard postcard.

All sage grouse permit applications submitted via the Automated License Data System must be completed by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, August 11, 2014. The 2014 proposed sage grouse hunting season in all zones is September 13 and 14. The proposed bag limit for the East and Central Lassen zones is two sage grouse per season; in the North Mono zone and the South Mono zone, the proposed bag limit is one sage grouse per season.

All postcards must be mailed to the Department of Fish and Wildlife, License and Revenue Branch, 1740 N. Market Blvd., Sacramento, California 95834. Applications received after the deadline will not be included in the free permit drawings.

Application Requirements

Applicants may apply for only one hunt. Applicants who apply for two hunts will be disqualified from the drawings and will not be awarded a permit. Each application must specify the desired hunt area.

Up to four persons may apply as a party for each hunt. Each applicant must provide his or her full name, mailing address, and GO ID number from their 2014 California hunting license.  Any applicant who does not provide all required information will be disqualified from the drawing and shall not be awarded a permit. All late, incomplete, or incorrect applications will be disqualified and shall not be included in the drawings.

Note: A 2014 California Upland Game Bird Validation is required for any person taking sage grouse or other upland game birds (except a person holding a valid California junior hunting license).

2014 sage grouse permit quotas will be adopted at the August 6 Fish and Game Commission meeting.

Drawing Results

Return to the Online License Service after August 22 to view your drawing results.

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