California Department of Fish and Wildlife

How to Apply to the California Waterfowl Habitat Program

Open enrollment is currently closed, but interested landowners are encouraged to fill out a waitlist form.  Being on the waitlist provides you the advantage of not having to check back for the status of open enrollment. If you are on the waitlist, we will contact you during the next open enrollment.

We request that a field map be provided that illustrates the current water conveyance system in place on the property.  This map should include depictions of the location of the pond levees, wells, lift pumps, water control structures, and if applicable, natural upland or cropland areas.

Interested landowners should fill out the Waitlist Form, and mail or fax it to the address listed below.

Heidi West
California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Comprehensive Wetland Habitat Program
1812 Ninth Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
FAX: (916) 445-4058

For any questions or further details please contact Heidi West at