California Department of Fish and Wildlife

San Jacinto WA - Dog Training

Field Trial, Hunt Tests & Dog Training Regulations June 1st to February 28th

The Dog Training Area is Open

Please review the Wildlife Area maps and regulations so that you are in the correct portion of SJWA. Requests for reserving the Dog Training Area for Hunt Tests and Field trials are now being accepted.

All Field Trial and Hunt Test events sponsors must apply to the San Jacinto Wildlife Area (Wildlife Area) Manager to obtain a permit/reservation to conduct a Field Trial on the Wildlife Area (Area). Requests for a permit/reservation may be made up to three (3) months prior to June 1, each calendar year. The permit/reservation request must be mailed to the San Jacinto Wildlife Area, Attn: Scott Sewell, Field Trials/Hunt Tests, P.O. Box 1254, Lakeview, CA 92567 or faxed to (951) 928-1196. Applicants will receive a confirmation letter from the Wildlife Area which will serve as permission to utilize the Wildlife Area to conduct the Field Trial event.

Field Trials, Hunt Tests, or Dog Training will be allowed on the Wildlife Area from June 1 through February 28. Only one individual Field Trial or Hunt Test event may be held on the Wildlife Area at a time. All events must be conducted at the designated Field Trial/Hunt Test Area. No more than three (3) Field Trial/Hunt Test events will be allowed each month during the Field Trial/Hunt Test season. Each Field Trial organization may only apply for two (2) events each calendar year.

Field Trial sponsors must provide a Certificate of Insurance stating there is liability insurance in effect for the permittee, with a combined single limit of not less than $500,000.00 per occurrence. The Certificate of Insurance shall provide:

  1. That the insurer will not cancel the insured's coverage without 15 days prior notice to the State of California.
  2. That the State of California its officers, servants, agents, and employees are included as additional insurers, but only so far as the operations under the permit are concerned.
  3. That the State of California will not be responsible for any premiums or assessments on the policy.

The person(s) whose name(s) appear on the approved Field Trial Permit/Reservation shall assume responsibility for coordination of the event with the Wildlife Area. Event set up, take down, and clean up shall be the responsibility of the event sponsor. The event sponsor shall be responsible for the collection of the appropriate Day Use Fee from each person using the Wildlife Area. No fee will be required for visitors having either:

  1. A valid California hunting, fishing, or trapping license.
  2. A Wildlife Area Annual Pass.
  3. Visitors under 16 years of age.

Chukar (Hungarian Red Legged Partridge), pheasants, varieties of quail, and pigeons are the only birds allowed to be used for Dog Training, Hunt Tests, and Field Trials.

No fresh water is available at the designated Field Trial area. The event sponsor will be responsible for the delivery and removal of required chemical toilet(s) to and from the Field Trial parking/camping area. Open fires are prohibited. If conditions permit, barbecues and camp stoves will be allowed and must be approved for use by the Wildlife Area Manager. No dumping of gray water on the Wildlife Area is permitted, and all trash must be removed by event sponsor.

Only the designated parking/camping area may be used by event participants. ALL VEHICLES ARE LIMITED TO USE OF ESTABLISHED ROADS AND PARKING. Overnight camping vehicles are limited to no more then 20 vehicles. Pre-training or post-training may be done only by foot from the designated parking/camping area. All-terrain vehicles are not allowed on the Wildlife Area. Weather conditions may limit accessibility into the Wildlife Area.

Activities may not restrict other users from utilizing the Wildlife Area for non-conflicting recreational purposes. The CDFW San Jacinto Wildlife Area, reserves the right to cancel any Field Trial event prior and/or during the event due to weather or disregard for CDFW rules and regulations, public safety, or special area regulations. Misuse of the Wildlife Area will result in temporary and/or permanent ejection of individuals and/or organizations from the Wildlife Area.


SRS: 12/07/2007