California Department of Fish and Wildlife

San Jacinto WA - About Us

SJWA is owned, operated and managed by CDFW. It is a type "A" wildlife area representing the highest level of recreational use designated for CDFW's lands, connoting a heightened commitment on the part of CDFW to increase the quantity and quality of public recreational opportunities on State Wildlife Areas.

Introduction and Purpose

In October of 1979, CDFW, Department of Water Resources, and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California executed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the mitigation of the State Water Project's (SWP) wildlife losses in southern California. The SWP mitigation actions were implemented pursuant to the Davis - Dowling Act of 1961. The act includes the preservation and enhancement of wildlife and public recreation as purposes of the SWP. The 1979 agreement designated existing SWP lands in southern California for wildlife mitigation purposes and provided land acquisitions funding, both of which contributed to the establishment of the San Jacinto Wildlife Area.