California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Kinsman Flat Wildlife Area - Madera County

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Location: 15 miles E of the town of North Fork, on Mammoth Pool Rd.

Phone Number: (559) 243-4005

Map: Directional Map (PDF)

Directions: Hwy 41 north from Fresno approximately 20 miles to County Road 200, turn right towards O'Neals and North Fork. Continue 17 miles, to North Fork, staying on the same main road which becomes Mammoth Pool Road. Approximately 12.2 miles past North Fork is a sign for Wik-up Ranch, turn right onto Kinsman Flat Road, go one mile to fork in road. Take the left fork (Arrowhead Road), go .5 mile to intersection of Arrowhead and Fairhaven, which is the western boundary of the Kinsman Flat Wildlife Area.

Description: 512 acres. Surrounded primarily by U.S. Forest Service lands. This area is located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range and consists of oak and pine woodland. This deer winter range is also habitat for bear, mountain lion and badger.

Special Restrictions: Only shotguns and archery equipment are permitted during the spring turkey season.

PLEASE NOTE: Area regulations are subject to change. Special restrictions on recreational uses, hunt days and methods of take are listed in the current year's issue of Hunting and Other Public Uses on State and Federal Areas, available at CDFW offices and places where licenses are sold.