California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Point Edith Wildlife Area - Contra Costa County

Waterfowl Hunting Allowed Wildlife Viewing Hunting with Shotgun Allowed Boat Access Only
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Description: 760 acres. The marsh consists of many numerous water channels and tiny ponds.

Map: Topographic Map (PDF)    Directional Map (PDF)

Location and Access: Point Edith Wildlife Area is located approximately 2 ½ miles east of Martinez, north of Waterfront Road. Hunting access is only by boat from Suisun Bay. Access using Hastings Slough is not allowed by the federal government. Public boat ramps are located at the Martinez Marina.

Information: Boat access only.

General Information and Regulations: This is a Type C area, no permits, passes or reservations are required.

Daily Hunter Capacity: No Limit

Method of Take Restrictions: No rifles or pistols may be used or possessed.

Hunt Days: Daily during open seasons (waterfowl only) for authorized species.

Authorized Species: Waterfowl, coots, and moorhens.

Special Restrictions: No rifles or pistols may be used or possessed. Dogs are not allowed from March 1 through June 30. Camping and trailers are not allowed.

Observe all rules and regulations:
  • Please observe and respect adjacent private property.
  • Be careful when walking in the area. Use caution when wading in marshes or sloughs.
  • No littering! Please remove all your trash including empty shot shells from your blind and hunting area before leaving. Personal property may not be left on State Wildlife Areas (this includes duck hunting blinds or fishing shack materials). Decoys may not be left in the field overnight.
  • No person shall drive, operate, leave, place, park or stop any motor vehicle or trailer on any State Wildlife Area except on public roads and designated areas. Violators may be towed at owners expense. CVC 22659

Point Edith Wildlife Area is patrolled by California Department of Fish and Wildlife Wardens. In case of emergency please call 911. For additional information please refer to the Hunting and other Public Uses on State and Federal Areas regulation booklet or call California Department of Fish and Wildlife at (707) 944-5500.