California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Animals at the Gray Lodge Wildlife Area

Amphibians, Fish and Reptiles

The Biological Resources Inventory is a work in progress. Quality control checks are ongoing. Future data will be entered as it becomes available. Species lists may have been generated from the California Wildlife Habitat Relationships System (CWHR) which is a predictive model based on habitat type. For more information or to submit any corrections/additions please contact Teresa Leblanc at

Amphibians Fish Reptiles
Bullfrog Black bullhead Coachwhip
California slender salamander Black crappie Coast horned lizard
Pacific chorus frog Bluegill Common garter snake
Tiger salamander Brown bullhead Common kingsnake
Western spadefoot toad Channel catfish Giant garter snake
Western toad Common carp Gilbert's skink
  Golden shiner Gopher snake
  Green sunfish Long-nosed snake
  Largemouth bass Night snake
  Logperch Racer
  Mosquitofish Ringneck snake
  Sacramento blackfish Sharp-tailed snake
  Sacramento sucker Southern alligator lizard
  Silver goldfish Western fence lizard
  Threadfin shad Western pond turtle
  Warmouth Western rattlesnake
    Western skink
    Western terrestrial garter snake
    Western whiptail