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Gray Lodge Wildlife Area - Butte County

More than a million waterfowl can't be wrong... visit Gray Lodge!

Waterfowl at the Gray Lodge Wildlife Area

People of all ages enjoy visiting the wetlands. Located approximately 60 miles north of Sacramento, Gray Lodge's diversity and location along the Pacific Flyway make it a heaven for wildlife. Surrounded by miles of rich agricultural lands, this 9,200-acre area is managed for the wildlife that call Gray Lodge home for all or part of the year.

Wildlife Area Closure Alerts

Gray Lodge Wildlife Area is accessible to persons with disabilities

Wildlife viewing is available all year on this wildlife wonderland. In the fall and winter a vast number of migratory waterfowl fill the sanctuary with lively chatter and incredible sights. For the more avid photographers and viewers, two year-round Hides are available without reservation. These are accessed from Lots #14 or #18 along the graveled, Flyway Loop Trail. Restrooms, designated parking lots, a visitors museum, and a paved trail leading to a viewing platform can all be accessed from parking lot #14. Hunters enjoy the many species of wildlife they may take during the regulated hunting seasons. Fishing is also a highlight in the spring and summer. Educational programs, informative exhibits, a self-guided nature trail and seasonal guided tours delight thousands of visitors every year. Find out why Gray Lodge remains popular among the human and wildlife visitors alike.

Gray Lodge Wildlife Area is accessible to persons with disabilities. Designated parking areas and restroom access are available seasonally, at the entrance Check Station area, and year-round, in the Main Business Office. Designated parking is also available in parking lot #14, which connects to a paved trail, leading to a viewing platform, sloped for the mobility impaired. Lot # 18 and the adjacent viewing Hide are also improved for the mobility impaired. Blinds for mobility impaired hunters are also available during waterfowl and dove seasons. (Please click here for regulations)

A CDFW Lands Pass is required for non-hunting recreational purposes on Gray Lodge Wildlife Area.

Contact Information

Gray Lodge Wildlife Area
3207 Rutherford Road
Gridley, CA 95948

Tours and Outreach:

Naturalist Office
Phone: (530) 846-7505

Business Office and Hunt Program:

Phone: (530) 846-7500
Fax: (530 846-7502

PLEASE NOTE: Area regulations are subject to change. Special restrictions on recreational uses, hunt days and methods of take are listed in the current year's issue of Hunting and Other Public Uses on State and Federal Areas, available at CDFW offices and places where licenses are sold.