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Cañada de San Vicente Land Management Plan

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CDFW has partnered with California State Parks to create a land management plan (LMP) for the Cañada de San Vicente property (CSV). CSV is a serene pocket of land located southeast of Ramona & neighbors the Barona Reservation land. It is home to numerous sensitive natural and cultural resources.

The purpose of this land management plan is to ensure that goals and guidelines are put into effect for the future conservation of this land. In addition, the document will ensure land management aligns with the Natural Community Conservation Planning (NCCP) program.

Thanks to all of those who attended the October 29th meeting in Ramona. The written comments we received are located below. However, we encourage everyone to continue their input via email (see 'Joining our mailing list' below).

The land management team is currently analyzing alternatives for creating management zones appropriate for the property and is in the process of developing the Preliminary LMP for public review.

Analysis Update

The CDFW has two land management designations: Wildlife Areas and Ecological Reserves.

  • Wildlife Areas exist for the purpose of protecting and enhancing habitat for wildlife and to provide for public uses that are compatible with the long-term well-being of wildlife and habitat. The management of the wildlife areas results in a great variety of high-quality wildlife viewing, hunting, and fishing opportunities for the public.
  • Ecological Reserves are established to provide protection for rare, threatened or endangered native plants, wildlife, aquatic organism and specialized terrestrial or aquatic habitat types. Public entry and use of ecological reserves shall be compatible with the primary purposes of such reserves.

CSV was acquired by the CDFW in three parts. The largest part, Monte Vista Ranch (4,056 acres) was acquired in 2008 from the Nature Conservancy. An additional 392 acres, referred to as the Rancho Canada unit, had been previously acquired in 2007 as mitigation land (for arroyo toad and delicate clarkia) by the San Diego County Water authority through the Nature Conservancy and conveyed to CDFW. Lastly, 311 acres dubbed Emerald Oaks was acquired in 2010. Together these three acquisitions, collectively called CSV, were combined in order to conserve, protect and restore core habitat areas and provide crucial wildlife linkages in the San Diego County Multiple species Conservation Plan (MSCP) and the San Diego County water authority HCP/NCCP.

Based upon the Purpose Acquired as briefly summarized above, and the Resource Inventory implemented as part of this LMP, the LMP team is leading towards making the recommendation via this LMP to the Fish and Wildlife Commission that CSV be designated as Ecological Reserve (ER) , as described above, and as defined in the Fish and Game Code, Section 1580-1587:

'land or land and water area that are designated by the Commission pursuant to section 1580 and that are to be preserved in a natural condition, or which are to be provided some level of protection as determined by the Commission, for the benefit of the general public to observe native flora and fauna and for scientific study or research.
Notwithstanding section 1580, which sets forth the primary purposes of ecological reserves, the department may construct facilities and conduct programs in ecological reserves it selects to provide natural history education and recreation if those facilities and programs are compatible with the protection of the biological resources of the reserve. As provided in section 1764 and 1765, other departments may control access, use, and collect fees for selected ecological reserves.'

Within the Draft LMP will be Goals and Guidelines for such components as the management of Biological, Cultural/Historical, and Facility/Maintenance elements.

Also, the LMP will combine the appropriate environmental documents with the Preliminary LMP to be in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). An Initial Study (IS) is part of this process and provides a preliminary review of potential impacts associated the property.

Comments from the public are welcome regarding the IS as well as other potential impacts associated with changes proposed by the LMP. The changes proposed are not yet completely defined, but shall be further defined as progress on the Preliminary LMP continues.

The Preliminary LMP will be made available for a 30-day public comment period once they are completed (most likely late Summer 2014). Please check back to this webpage for updated information.

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