California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Meadowbrook Ecological Reserve - San Diego County

Wildlife Viewing Hiking Allowed
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Location: Meadowbrook Ecological Reserve (ER) is located in the City of Poway, approximately twenty miles northeast of downtown San Diego or ten miles inland from the Pacific Ocean.

Phone Number: (858) 467-4201

Directions: From Interstate 15 take Poway Road east to Pomerado Road. Go north (left) on Pomerado Road to Meadowbrook Lane. Turn west (left) on Meadowbrook Lane. The Reserve is located along the western side of Meadowbrook Lane across the street from the Meadowbook Middle School.

Map: Directional Map (PDF)

Recreational Use: Hiking and nature viewing are only allowed from existing trails and roads. Although bicycle use is prevalent on open space land adjacent to the California Department of Fish & Wildlife (CDFW) Reserve, bike riding is prohibited in the CDFW Meadowbrook ER section.

Description: The Meadowbrook ER was designated an Ecological Reserve in August 2004 and is comprised of 150 acres of coastal scrub vegetation with sizable stands of red berry (Rhamnus crocea) strewn throughout. The primary reason this area has been designated an Ecological Reserve is to preserve open space containing biologically sensitive habitat, endangered species, and wildlife species. The Reserve is home to the federally listed coastal California Gnatcatcher (Polioptila californica) as well as the Hermes copper butterfly (Lycaena hermes) that was recently petitioned to be listed as an endangered species.

Special restrictions: Restrictions for recreational uses on ecological reserves are listed in the current issue of the State of California Fish and Game Commission California Code of Regulations: Title 14, Chapter 11, Section 630.