California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Habitat Conservation Planning Branch Goals

Strategic Goals

  • Lead and participate in science-based conservation strategies
  • Develop statewide conservation policies
  • Lead and collaborate in large-scale conservation plans
  • Lead and participate in strategies to identify and solve invasive species problems
  • Improve conservation through effective use of CESA and CEQA
  • Develop, implement, and revise recovery plans for plant species
  • Review and initiate listing/delisting proposals for plant species
  • Track the status of California's state-listed plant species
  • Contribute to listed species and habitat conservation efforts
  • Implement statewide tracking systems for environmental review, mitigation, conservation banks, and other programs
  • Direct funding to priority conservation actions and scientific research
  • Provide information and education to the public and stakeholders
  • Building Alliances

    • Build collaborative partnerships within and outside CDFW
    • Strengthen Branch-Region partnerships through regular communication and needs assessment
    • Provide leadership, guidance, and training to CDFW staff, other agencies, and the public