California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Regional Plan Review Procedures

Some plans cover a number of counties or a biologically-based region (bioregion) within the State. These plans may even involve other states neighboring California. It is the responsibility of CDFW's regions to review and comment on these plans if they will have impacts on sensitive fish and wildlife resources; CDFW's may then offer specific recommendations based on the review. CDFW should strive to be a collaborating partner in the development of such plans. Often these plans are developed to consolidate several project reviews and approach mitigation issues on a landscape basis rather than on an individual project impact basis. A detailed treatment of landscape planning is presented in another part of this Operations Manual (see sections 1140 and 1150 on Natural Community Conservation Plans and Habitat Conservation Plans, respectively).

Email Link Contact CEQA Program – CDFW staff cannot make decisions or intercede on CEQA projects under the jurisdiction of another lead agency. Please address project-specific comments to the project's lead agency.