California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Categorically Exempt Projects

Categorically Exempt Projects are those which fall within one of many classes of projects which have been determined by the Secretary for Resources to not have significant environmental effects (CEQA Guidelines, Section 15354).

These exemptions do not apply to projects if: (1) the project or the project's location may impact an environmental resource of hazardous or critical concern, including threatened or endangered species; (2) the cumulative impact of successive projects of the same type in the same place over time is significant; or (3) there is reasonable possibility that the activity will have a significant effect on the environmental due to unusual circumstances (CEQA Guidelines, Section15300.2).

Classes of projects currently exempted under CEQA are described beginning with Section 15301 of CEQA Guidelines. Examples of CDFW activities which often fall within these classes are described in Title 14, Chapter 4, Section 757.

For a categorically exempt project, CDFW shall prepare a Notice of Categorical Exemption (CE). This document is a notice to other agencies and the public of CDFW's decision that the project is exempt, and no public review period is required. It is normally no more than a few pages in length. (CEQA Guidelines, Section 15062; a form for this notice is found in CEQA Guidelines, Appendix E). The region is responsible for preparing and filing the CE and shall advise headquarters of its preparation.

Email Link Contact CEQA Program – CDFW staff cannot make decisions or intercede on CEQA projects under the jurisdiction of another lead agency. Please address project-specific comments to the project's lead agency.