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Shellfish Achievement and Recognition

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For most people, the word "fishing" conjures up the image of an angler with a rod and reel, but California is also home to many species of freshwater and saltwater shellfish. To fully experience all the state has to offer the sport fisherman, you'll need to put down your rod and reel and grab your clam fork or shovel, crayfish trap, abalone iron, hoop net, or dive bag.

Three different levels of achievement are available for Shellfish:

Which shellfish qualify?


  • Red swamp crayfish
  • Signal crayfish
  • California spiny lobster
  • Gaper clam
  • Pacific littleneck clam
  • Pismo clam
  • Pacific razor clam
  • Nuttall cockle
  • California mussel
  • Giant rock scallop
  • Dungeness crab
  • Red rock crab
  • Red abalone
  • Red sea urchin
  • Humboldt squid
  • Market squid

Only species listed in the California Fishing Passport as defined above and caught in California during 2006 or afterwards qualify for Shellfish awards.

What California Fishing Passport awards will I receive?

  • California Fishing Passport Shellfish Specialist
    • Shellfish Specialist award pin
    • Certificate of Recognition suitable for framing
  • California Fishing Passport Shellfish Expert
    • Shellfish Expert award pin
    • Certificate of Recognition suitable for framing
  • California Shellfish Master
    • California Shellfish Master pin
    • Certificate of Recognition suitable for framing
    • CDFW Director's Letter of Congratulations

How to apply for recognition:

California Fishing Passport
  1. Get your Passport book stamped at one of our Department offices or independent stamping agents. Each qualifying species must be fully documented and stamped in your California Fishing Passport. If you have trouble finding an agent, call us at (707) 964-5026.
  2. Make clear photocopies of your passport showing all the stamps earned towards your current level of achievement
  3. Print and fill out a California Fishing Passport Angler Award application. Adobe Reader required
  4. Send the photocopies and the signed application to the Department at:

    California Department of Fish and Wildlife
    California Fishing Passport Program
    32330 N. Harbor Drive
    Fort Bragg, CA 95437

NOTE: Anglers will soon be able to apply online for recognition! Check back soon for more details.

What is the ultimate level of achievement?

Supreme Master Angler

Become a California Supreme Master Angler by earning two or more of the following:

Visit the California Supreme Master Angler page for more information about achieving California Supreme Master Angler status.

Questions? E-mail or call us at (707) 964-5026.

All decisions of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife are final.

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