California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Redband trout out of water on weeds.

Redband Trout (native)

Oncorhynchus mykiss ssp.

Redband trout are a form of rainbow trout that have been isolated from the coastal rainbow trout over many centuries. Forms of redband trout are found in many of the interior drainages of the West, including California's Goose Lake, upper McCloud River, and Warner Valley populations. These unique redbands may be highly colored and share similar traits to golden trout of the Kern Plateau. The redband trout inhabits both lake and riverine systems in northern California. The fish is known for the brilliant red/crimson stripe along it's side. The adaptability of the redband to adverse conditions is impressive. Redband trout can not only tolerate temperatures above 80 degrees (F), but can also feed and gain weight! Some of the problems facing the redband include hybridization with introduced rainbow trout and surviving altered habitat conditions. Angling opportunities for redband trout in California have been limited but will improve in the future.