California Department of Fish and Wildlife
brown trout

Brown Trout (non-native)

Salmo trutta

Brown trout, originally from Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and parts of Asia, were introduced into California in 1893. Since that time, brown trout have been distributed throughout the state. Brown trout are found in a high percentage of the waters with suitable trout habitat in California, due to their popularity and the resulting extensive stocking during the past century. Brown trout have adapted well to California waters and their ability to compete with other kinds of trout has contributed to their widespread distribution. Many of the waters in the Wild Trout Program, such as Hot Creek, East Walker River, Fall River, Hat Creek, and the Owens River support healthy brown trout populations. Cherished by many, the brown trout is a challenging adversary for California wild trout anglers. These wily gamefish find, occupy, and defend the prime cover and feeding spots in a stream and often live to advanced age and grow to trophy size.