California Department of Fish and Wildlife

San Joaquin Fish Hatchery

Kokanee Salmon Program

Kokanee salmon eggs are brought in from American River Hatchery to be raised at the San Joaquin Hatchery. The salmon develop and are kept at the hatchery for about 6 months. When feeding and cover conditions are at an optimum for survival fingerling size salmon are released into Huntington, Pine Flat, Shaver, Bass, Don Pedro, New Melones, and McClure Reservoirs. Here the Kokanee will feed on plankton and continue to grow providing recreational fishing opportunities the following year.

Kokanee salmon in at eyed egg stage
Kokanee Salmon in the Eyed Stage

Kokanee salmon at the fingerling stage
Kokanee Salmon in the fingerling stage

CDFW staff loading Kokanee salmon for release
CDFW loading salmon for release