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Trout in the Classroom

Serving Alameda, Contra Costa, Lake, Marin, Mendocino, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Solano, and Sonoma counties

You must have prior permission from CDFW to hatch and release trout.
Teacher must carry a signed permit issued by CDFW must be with eggs/fish at all times. The application Form 772 (PDF).
Contact Ethan Rotman at or (415) 999-5924 if you have any questions.

A fully completed 772 permit must be returned to CDFW (or your sponsor, at their request) within 3 days of release of your fish (or within 3 days of the last fish dying). A list of returned permits for this year can be found on the TIC blog. We suggest you keep a copy of the permit.

Releasing Rainbow Trout   |   Releasing Steelhead Trout

Releasing Rainbow Trout

With appropriate authorization,
rainbow trout fry may be released into
Trout may NOT be released into
  • Alameda County
    • Lake Elizabeth
    • Lake Temescal
    • Lakeshore Park
    • Quarry Lakes
    • Shadow Cliffs Reservoir
  • Contra Costa County
    • Contra Loma Reservoir
    • Lafayette Reservoir
    • Heather Farms Pond
    • Hidden Valley Lakes
    • Lake Refugio
    • San Pablo Reservoir
  • Marin County
    • Bon Tempe Reservoir
    • Lake Lagunitas
    • Phoenix Lake
    • Scottsdale Pond
  • Napa County
    • Lake Hennessey
  • San Francisco County
    • Lake Merced (all)
  • Sonoma County
    • Lake Ralphine
  • Solano County
    • Lake Chabot
  • Santa Clara County
    • Campbell Perc Ponds
    • Lake Cunningham
    • Sandy Wool Lake
    • Spring Valley Pond
  • Santa Cruz County
    • Pinto Lake
  • Cottonwood Lake
  • Lake Chabot (Alameda County)
  • Del Valle Reservoir
  • Don Castro Reservoir
  • Hilltop Lake
  • Lake Anza
  • Lake Merritt and channel
  • Sprig Lake
  • Stafford Lake
  • Vasona Lake
  • Any body of water not specified
    on your Form 772 (PDF)

Releasing Steelhead Trout

Release of Steelhead Trout from Warm Springs Hatchery 2014 Egg Pick Up Dates from Warm Springs Hatchery Release of Steelhead Trout from Monterey Bay Salmon and Trout Education Program

With appropriate authorization, steelhead trout fry obtained from Warm Springs Hatchery may be released into the Russian River or the approved tributaries listed below:

  • Mendocino County
    • Gibson Creek
    • Feliz Creek
    • Orr Creek
    • Russian River
    • Dooley Creek
  • Sonoma County
    • Atascadero Creek
    • Big Sulphur Creek
    • Brush Creek
    • Dry Creek
    • Dutch Bill Creek
    • Fife Creek
    • Foss Creek
    • Mark West Creek
    • Matanzas Creek
    • Mill Creek
    • Oakmont Creek
    • Porter Creek
    • Santa Rosa Creek
    • Santa Rosa Creek, upper
    • Sausal Creek
    • Sweetwater Creek
  • Other Approved Waters
    • Hobson Creek
    • Felta Creek
    • Porter Creek
    • Green Valley Creek
    • Smith Creek
    • Willow Creek

TEACHERS: You may use the following language on your 772 application under proposed release site: “Russian River or approved tributary as listed on the CDFW website”

Due to the shortfall of egg collection this year as a result of below average rainfall, CDFW will not be able to provide steelhead eggs from Warm Springs Hatchery for incubation in classrooms aquariums this year.

We have arranged to provide rainbow trout eggs as an alternative to affected classrooms for this year. The process for classroom incubation and the development process of rainbow trout is the same as steelhead. From your student’s perspective, the only difference will be the name of the fish and where the fish can be released. Steelhead and rainbow trout are the same species of fish with the one exception being rainbow trout do not utilize the ocean as a critical life stage element.

Rainbow trout will be available for pick up from Warm Springs Hatchery (or Coyote Fish Facility) on Wednesday, March 5.

The fry will need to be released no longer than 6 weeks after they hatch, which will be approximately April 25.

If you wish to participate and hatch Rainbow Trout, please submit your 772 application NO LATER THAN 2/14/2014 requesting rainbow trout eggs.

If you have already submitted your application for steelhead trout, you will not need to submit a new request. You will need to contact Talia Yates ( and:

1. Specify your preferred release location:
Lake Ralphine (Santa Rosa)
Russian River at or above Lake Mendocino (Ukiah)
Lake Hennessey (Napa)
Bon Tempe (Marin)
Lake Emily (Willets)

2. Specify if you prefer to pick-up your eggs from Warm Springs Hatchery or the Coyote facility (near Ukiah).

Teachers opting not to hatch rainbow trout this year, will be eligible to participate in the program next season

Contact or (415) 999-5924 if you have questions.

With appropriate authorization, steelhead trout fry obtained from Monterey Bay Salmon and Trout Education Program may only be released into:

  • The San Lorenzo Watershed at or above Henry Cowell State Park
  • Branciforte Creek by De Laveaga Park Area

updated 1/15/2014