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Department of Fish & Wildlife
Biogeographic Data Branch

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Sierra Nevada foothills wildlife connectivity modeling project

In 2012, the Department began a project, funded by the Wildlife Conservation Board, to map wildlife connectivity areas in the northern Sierra Nevada foothills (NSNF). The project will:

  • Analyze connectivity within the NSNF and between the NSNF and adjacent lands in the Central Valley and Sierra Nevada using the NSNF fine-scale vegetation map recently completed by the Vegetation Classification and Mapping Program , and following recommendations from the statewide California Essential Habitat Connectivity project,
  • Identify important core habitat areas for focal species and use species-specific data to model corridors between blocks of protected lands,
  • Identify land facets, areas of land with uniform topographic and geologic features that will interact with future climate to support species and species movement under future climate conditions,
  • Develop guidance on minimum standards for fine-scale connectivity modeling needed to meet CDFW mission and mandates


Connectivity Datasets In BIOS

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