California Department of Fish and Wildlife



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Department of Fish & Wildlife
Biogeographic Data Branch

Physical Address:
1700 9th Street, 4th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95811

Mailing Address:
1416 9th Street, Suite 1266
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 322-2493 • Email BDB

CNDDB  Maps & Data

Online Map and Query Applications

  • CNDDB subscription required. RareFind 5 is an Internet application that allows for more robust querying and reporting of the CNDDB data than the BIOS Data Viewer, but with no direct map interface. This application is a major rebuild of RareFind 4 that adds many features not found in RareFind 4, including: enhanced query functionality, better display of results, performance improvements, and better connectivity to mapping applications. Because it is an Internet application, RareFind 5 eliminates the need for users to install the RareFind 3 application on their computers and download the CNDDB data every month to update RareFind 3.     Please use Firefox or Chrome for best performance.
  • Free. This BIOS 5 tool provides access to the CNDDB data at the 7.5′ Quadrangle and County level. For more info on how to use the QuickView tool within BIOS 5, see the CNDDB QuickView Tool User Guide. For more detailed CNDDB information, a subscription is required.


Monthly Data Updates
Data Use Guidelines
  • [PDF]  A document answering questions on the appropriate use and display of CNDDB data.
CNDDB Key Facts
  • [PDF]  An important document to read prior to working with the CNDDB data.

Overlays and Reports

CNDDB Overlays and Reports
  • You can request CNDDB map overlays or text reports.
CNDDB Overlay Guide
  • [PDF]  How to read CNDDB Quad Map Overlays.